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A Metcalfe Technician is required to maintain his or her industry knowledge through continued training & certification.

They are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of industry training per year. Most years, technicians will receive well over 100 hours of technical training.

A Metcalfe Technician is drug tested and has undergone a background check. You can feel comfortable with our technicians in your home or business.

Our technicians demonstrate a desire to:

  • Promote your comfort, health and safety.
  • Diagnose and repair HVAC systems quickly, correctly, and efficiently
  • Fully communicate our “service with a smile” philosophy to you.

Our Indoor Comfort Specialists demonstrate:

  • Exceptional knowledge of HVAC products and applications
  • A keen interest in improving our customers indoor comfort
  • The ability not only to listen to your needs, but actually hear and supply solutions there-in.

Our Managers understand that customers are our most important asset. They have over 50 years combined experience in our industry, including service, installation, repair, sales, and business management.

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