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About Us

When it comes to HVAC – We know that trust is everything. And that’s why we’re still thriving today — nearly 50 years after our doors first opened.

The W.H. Metcalfe & Sons Company was founded in 1966 by Bill Metcalfe, one of the early pioneers in the emerging HVAC market in the metro area. Over the years Bill and his dedicated staff grew Metcalfe Htg. & A/C Company into one of the premier HVAC companies in the region. The company is still family owned and operated. They are active in the daily operations of Metcalfe providing the leadership and vision that has made the company a market leader.

When Bill founded the company he recognized that the key to success was a laser like focus on providing quality products and top of the line customer service. That focus has proven to be successful and is embedded throughout the company today. The term “customer for life” is not just a nice sounding phrase at Metcalfe but a key driver in our day to day performance.

As our industry has evolved over the years Metcalfe has been a leader in adapting the new technologies and products to create a quality indoor environment for our homeowners. Our goal is to give our customers the best options to ensure their home is comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.

Metcalfe offers a complete line of HVAC products and services from system upgrades, service agreements, service repairs and maintenance to indoor air quality services and products. Contact us today and see what we mean when we say, “The Metcalfe Experience”.

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