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How Insulation Helps Your Home’s HVAC System Work More Efficiently

If you have been researching different ways to save money on your HVAC expenses in Arlington, VA this winter, you are not alone. High heating bills, unfortunately, are common due to very cold weather conditions and rising energy prices. While there are many steps you can take to lower your heating bill, such as adjusting your thermostat a few degrees cooler, upgrading or enhancing your insulation is a highly effective solution.

How Insulation Helps Your Home's HVAC System Work More Efficiently

A Blanket Around Your Home

There are several different types of insulation that are commonly found in Arlington homes, and most new homes are now are built with spray-in foam insulation. All types of foam act as a blanket around the home. They lock in the heat from the indoor heating and prevent it from escaping outside the exterior walls and through the attic. Likewise, it prevents the cool air from penetrating the home. Some types of insulation are more effective than others. It’s best to ask an HVAC professional for recommendations on what works best with the system you have in place.

Do You Need More Insulation?

Due to these factors, you may wonder if you need more insulation in your home. It can be difficult to determine the type of quality of insulation in your walls on your own, so it is often best to seek advice from a heating and cooling system contractor. The contractor can inspect the interior walls of your home through the electrical outlets and the attic. Your contractor can tell you whether your house lacks insulation or if the current insulation you have is no longer adequate for your needs.

Some people will find that they do not need to add insulation, and this is most common in newer homes. For those with older homes or for those whose homes were built with lower-quality insulation, keep in mind that this is a cost-effective upgrade that can help you to save money on cooling costs in the summer as well. It can also help you to stay more comfortable throughout the year. A heating and cooling system technician can help you to install new insulation if it is determined that this will benefit your home.


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